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‘Cuz You Gotta Have Friends ….

August 19, 2012

Yesterday was a pretty good day here in Queenieville. We were lucky to have an aide yesterday until about 2 pm (and we have her again today, too, which is a blessing!) and that enabled me to get all of my weekend “stuff” pretty much done fairly quickly. Usually on the weekends I try to cram in the shopping, cleaning, laundry, etc, into the day as I can. Some weekends are better than others, though, depending on how Queenie’s feeling and the things she needs. It was wonderful yesterday to be able to do all of MY stuff without worrying about HER stuff. After Lee (her aide) left, we were able to spend some time outside since for once it wasn’t super hot.

While we were out there, 2 of our neighbors came over for a visit. They hadn’t seen Queenie in MONTHS and it was so wonderful of them to come over. She loved the visit and loved the friendship, which is something she’s been missing a lot. Sometimes, it’s easy to focus on the negative things (her lack of sleep, struggles with pain, etc) that I lose sight of the positive things … I didn’t realize how much that one hour visit from some lovely friends could make a difference to her and to me. No, she didn’t get the sleep she needed last night and she still has pain, but today we both seem to have a bit of a better, more positive, attitude. Friendship is a powerful positive thing – thank you so very much, Michelle and Jane, for making our day better. Hope we can see more of each other!!

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  1. August 20, 2012 1:23 PM

    I am glad to hear that you had a very productive weekend, and even by the sound a few moments of spare time. Glad Queenie found company reguvenating. lol I know not spelled correctly. Visiting for me is always tiring but very enjoyable. I understand how much that will help her spirit.

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