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When Queenie Comes Marching Home Again …

September 15, 2011

It’s been a long time between posts  – I’ve no excuse other than we’ve been busy here with the business of living. We’ve had quite a bit to busy us since July 29th …lots of visits to see Queenie, coordinating doctor’s appointments & home visits, organizing MOUNTAINS of paperwork …not to mention the daily grind of working & keeping the home fires burning even while nasty things like Hurricane Irene & horrible flooding tried to keep us down. Also somewhere in there we’ve welcomed a new baby into our family and are waiting on the birth of another – as an old friend would say “we got a lot goin’ on.”

This Saturday will mark the end of Queenie’s recent MS ordeal  and will the be beginning of a new life for her here at home. While we’re thrilled she’s coming home, we’re tempering our excitement with a good dose of reality – this will be different. She has new needs and different ways to handle the old needs. We’ll have more medical equipment and will need to find new ways to cope with that. Every day will be a continuing lesson and we need to keep our eyes & hearts open to what those lessons will be.

Today’s lesson I think is is gratitude … we need to be mindful & grateful for the people in our lives while they’re here – life is short. I was reminded of that today while eating my lunch. A co-worker, H, asked about Queenie (as she always does) and we chatted a bit about the tribulations of being in a nursing home for months. As she left the lunch room H said “Queenie’s lucky to have you” and my reply was “if the situation were reversed Queenie’d do the same thing for me. We’re lucky to have each other”. H’s parting words were “your mother raised you girls right”. A few hours later, I got the email telling me Queenie’s discharge date would be this Saturday and the first person I wanted to give the good news to was Mom. She would have been so happy and would have been planning ways to get streamers all over the house (I’m not that nice – there will be NO STREAMERS. Maybe a steak dinner, though).Really miss her smile & joy on days like today and so grateful she made us the women we are today.

Saturday begins the next chapter in this MS journey…stay tuned for the continuing saga!

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  1. September 21, 2011 8:38 PM

    ‘chapters’ that’s a great way to put it. Though I would have voted for steamers. 🙂

    Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

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