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They Tried to Keep Me Outta Rehab…..

July 29, 2011

…and Queenie said “No, No, No!”

Update later but GREAT news …Queenie is doing MUCH better and the hospital is releasing her back to rehab this afternoon. Even better news …her Foley is OUT!

I spoke to her a few times today and she sounds like the Queenie I know & love. All it took was a doctor who really paid attention to HER and not to her MS & really saw the forest for the trees. A commenter here said the other day ” Just always remember behind all the “she HAS” is the – she IS” (thank you Patrick!) and he was absolutely right. Too often, we & the medical community forget that behind the disease there is a PERSON who is not their disease, who is not their mess of symptoms, who is not their med list … there is a woman there who brings joy & laughter (and sometimes makes me want to strangle her!) and has MEANING to her life. She IS.

Missed ya My Peep ….I’m glad you’re coming back.

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