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It Takes A Village

June 19, 2011

Last year when my mother died, we were all a wreck – she’d died suddenly, hadn’t been sick, so we were completely unprepared for it. Luckily, I have amazing friends and family who surrounded us with love & support and we got through it.

When Mommy died, people felt the need to DO things. My cousin, A, in the middle of her own stresses, dropped everything and flew down from Canada, just to help us take care of the dogs & hugs us when we thought we were going to break apart. My dear friend, T, stopped by the house unexpectedly, with a roast chicken & macaroni salad, so we didn’t have to worry about cooking. I can STILL taste that chicken – it was the first thing I’d eaten in days. My cousin , J, drove all day from Ohio just for the funeral, then drove back with almost no sleep, just to be there for us. The list could go on & on but suffice it to say, we were lucky to have these amazing people in our lives.

This time, thankfully, no one’s died, but the stress is just the same. Thankfully, once again, our friends and family have rallied around us with a tremendous amount of love and support. It’s tough for them to help because, quite frankly, there’s not much TO do …it’s a lot of making phone calls and filling out applications and yelling at…err talking to people at insurance companies. Not the kind of thing anyone else BUT us can do. That being said, though, every day I come home to messages of love, support & prayers, not just for Queenie but for all of us  – it’s just been tremendous.

This is us…being tremendously happy & grateful:

I read an article recently about 5 things you’re NOT supposed to do when someone is very ill. One of the 5 was “Don’t say things like ‘We’re praying for you’ or ‘I’m sending you love'”. Bullshit. Seriously – who doesn’t want to feel like they’re loved and supported?? At this point, and I say this a lot, we could use all the love & prayers we can get .

Our family is eternally grateful for every prayer, good vibe, positive thought and “hang in there kiddo” we’ve gotten. It takes a village to raise a child but it also takes a village to help someone get better. We read Queenie every card, email, text message, comment & letter that we get…she is very grateful and they TRULY help her. Thank you my dear friends.

Click the link below to hear a special message from the Queen herself:

Queenie Thank You

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