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JOURNAL ENTRY: Day 34: June 13 , 2011

June 14, 2011

Post Cytoxan Day 4

Monday…a new week begins!

Queenie sounded a little bit better – the pain, while somewhat improved, is still with her and is exhausting. She had to cut OT short because she was struggling to stay awake – I’m sure the Oxy had something to do with that, too 😉 Hell, the amount of drugs Queenie takes would knock a horse on its ass! Still no word on what’s causing the pain but they ruled out a blood clot – doc ran an ultrasound just to make sure. Queenie has a history of lymphedema which can bring an added risk of blood clots – thankfully nothing showed up.

Some disturbing news on the insurance front but more on that in another post. The insurance carrier has assigned her a Social Worker (SW) to act as a liason between Queenie/us and the insurance carrier (the words “I am her advocate” came out of the SW’s mouth – I quickly set her straight and reminded her that no, indeed she was NOT Queenie’s advocate. Her FAMILY is her advocate and the SW is a liason/agent). SW is meeting with Queenie tomorrow (Tuesday) and I can’t wait to hear all about that. The insurance issue is a huge one …and it’s a muddy quagmire at best.


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