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JOURNAL ENTRY: Day 33: June 12 , 2011

June 13, 2011

Post Cytoxan Day 3

Sunday…a visit with the Queen!

Peepette and I really look forward to our Queenie visits. Since we’re so far away (and because we both have to work – neither of us is independently wealthy – I married for love not money and Peepette hasn’t found a man worthy of her yet, wealthy or otherwise), we can only have an audience with the Queen once a week. We do our best to plan things that are fun and that kind of take her mind off of things for awhile. This week, the project was a mani-pedi (along with doing her laundry, which we do every week. That part’s not fun but we do it every week cuz the Queen can’t have stankie panties).

Anywhoo, the plan this week was mani-pedi. Unfortunately, Queenie’s body just wouldn’t cooperate. She was still in a LOT of pain in her legs and feet and was really struggling with pins & needles in her feet especially. Luckily, she & Peepette have this whole system worked out in which Queenie says “ooohhh please rub my feet!” and Peepette, ever the good hand maiden, complies. It worked somewhat but not enough to relieve the majority of her pain. Because of it, she tired easily and was back in bed within 2 hours … Oxycodone helped tire her out, too, I think.

They’re still not sure about the cause of the pain. Of course, me & my Google-fu have come up with even more things that it could be, not the least of which is CIPN (Chemotherapy-induced Peripheral Neuropathy). Cytoxan seems to be the thing that’s causing it since that was the pre-cursor to the pain this time as well as the last time but I’m not sure if it’s in one of the chemo drug classes that are most likely to cause CIPN. The doctor on call for the weekend increased her Oxy dose until Monday when her regular doc can order an increase to her Neurontin and order some labs/tests.

So, no mani-pedi this week – we’ve rescheduled her beauty appointment for next week. Hopefully the pain will be gone by then or at the very least, down to a manageable level.

Once again, trying to think positively … she is in pain, yes, but she hasn’t lost her sense of humor. While we were there, Keith (AKA the Dining Room Dude) delivered her lunch. (Yes, delivered. No, she didn’t tip him).  She was just getting done telling us that she did NOT yell at us, that Queenie does not YELL. Keith, ever the Minion, agreed and said “you don’t yell your Highness. Your voice just gets higher and it carries.”

Queenie said “See, I fucking told you so. I don’t fucking YELL!!!” She said that in a voice that got higher ….and carried alllll the way to Mexico.

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  1. Michelle permalink
    June 14, 2011 2:43 PM

    lol,I can hear her saying that!!! I miss hearing her big mouth!!! She is blessed to have two wonderful sisters…..oh and Abby can paint nails….and toes and whatever else gets in the way 🙂 Give her our best!!

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