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JOURNAL ENTRY: Day 32: June 11 , 2011

June 13, 2011

Post Cytoxan Day 2

Rough Saturday for Queenie … she called me hysterical in pain, complaining of pain in her legs. She sounded so incredibly distressed and upset that I knew something was really wrong. I whizzed my way through Giant (I never did finish grocery shopping- thank God for my crockpot, frozen meatballs & a jar of Prego!!), called her nurse & tried to figure out what was going on. We’re still at a loss as to the cause because it could be any number of things:

  • Cytoxan side effect – so far nothing I’ve read shows pain as a side effect
  • Drug interaction – jury still out on this – she’s on so many that it’s hard to tell which one, if any, is the culprit
  • MS in general – the nerves misfiring could be causing her pain & it’s just coincidence that she had Cytoxan 2 days prior

This is the really hard part with Queenie being 50 miles away – when she is upset or in distress, there’s not much we can do from here besides rely on the nursing staff and doctor on call. Kelly (her weekend nurse) is a compassionate caring person and I could tell was just as frustrated as I was about not being able to help. I was able to get Queenie calmed down enough that they could get her in bed & repositioned, then dosed with some Oxycodone. It took the edge off but that was about it.

Kelly & I remember that when Queenie had her 1st dose of Cytoxan, she complained about pain in her leg then, too. It just wasn’t as sever as this & it went away after a day or so. We’re hoping that will be the case this time. It’s symptoms like this that really are frustrating to deal with because A) they tend to be severe and come from out of nowhere and B) they tend to be difficult to treat.

Trying to remain positive … tough some days.

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