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JOURNAL ENTRY: Day 31: June 10 , 2011

June 11, 2011

Post Cytoxan Day 1

Poor Queenie is VERY tired today – the Cytoxan just wore her out. She sounds OK, just very tired. So far, so good on the Cytoxan  – no psychological issues. We are keeping our fingers crossed on that one. Her personality is definitely back -“Bina, bring me this…Bina, when you come up bring me that. Bina, when you come visit me you can do ____ for me”. Yup. She’s back.

She is complaining a bit of blurry vision but we’re not sure if this is connected to the Cytoxan (blurred vision is a side effect) or if she is just so tired that it’s affecting her vision. She’s continuing to wear her eye patch to help improve vision but is complaining that it’s boring. The patch I mean … apparently it’s rather blah and needs decoration. Peepette has suggested Bedazzling the thing and getting her a parrot for her shoulder. I think it’s a look only Queenie can pull off.

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  1. Sandie DelVecchio permalink
    June 11, 2011 5:29 PM

    I believe the bedazzling and parrot are a must, but you have to go to a toy store and get a mechanical one that will flap and talk.

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