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JOURNAL ENTRY: Day 30: June 9, 2011

June 9, 2011

Cytoxan Dose 2 Today!

Queenie is still on her Solumedrol high – her vision & dizziness are still there but much improved. Her cough is virtually gone now although she’s using Advair as needed (we’ve recently discovered she’s got COPD on top of everything else. Unfortunately we can’t blame this one on MS – it’s from smoking – but the MS certainly isn’t helping. Guess who’s on the patch now?).

Her energy level is still up which is great but she had no therapy today as they moved her to the hospital for her Cytoxan in the AM then back to her room in the rehab in the late afternoon. She sounds so much better but we’re remaining cautious until the effects of this Cytoxan dose are evident.

Queenie is definitely still her same self …I got my orders to bring her nail stuff over the weekend. The woman just had her second does of chemo & she’s worried about her nails. That’s Queenie – her priorities are in order.

ETA: Just now talking to Peepette the lightbulb went off about Queenie’s vivid dreams – Nicotine Patch can cause nightmares. Things are making sense now. Ok, so not everything is making sense, just the part about the dreams. Everything else is still fucked up.

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